Tracking documents belonging to multiple client groups

I’ve recently started using the Document Tracker. After narrowing down to the broker, and selecting the client group, I see a list of document types that I can subscribe to. After I make my selections, if I choose a different client group, I don’t see the selections I made the first time. I would like to know if I can subscribe to documents belonging to multiple client groups simultaneously.

Thanks in advance!


No you cannot. You have to start to doc tracker.
Actually, the doc tracker is just a broker client. It belongs to one client group thus can only have access to document type for which the client group has “can publish” and/or “can subscribe” permission.


If you select the client group “eventLog”, you should be able to subscribe to any document on the broker. However, it has no publish rights to anything, so it would be fine if you want to use doc tracker to see documents coming across, but not if you want to publish from doc tracker.

Thanks a lot, Mathieu and Roger!

Hi all ,

We are publishing a document from one server & subscribing that document from another server.Now how do we calculate the time taken by the broker (ie between publishing & subscribing)