trackID for UUID before publish


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We’re on 7.1.1
I’m trying to set the UUID with a custom trackid I set in the envelope of the publishable doctype, right before invoking pub.publish.
from what I understand from the 7.1.1 publish-subscribe developers guide, pg 155, setting the trackid will force my UUID, however when I browse the queue in MWS, the UUID is not the value I set in trackid.

What am I doing wrong?

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UUID will always be present in the publishable document…Isn’t it??

Did you check in the pipeline of the subsriber service??



Thanks for your reply.
I checked the pipe in the subscribing service, but same result- the UUID is “a63a8eb0-3c3d-11dd-849e-d9b1783f90e2” and the trackID I passed was “9”.
I guess wM always sets it, but reading the docs, I had understood that it would be overridden by the trackid if available.



I am not aware of such thing “UUID overridden by the trackid if available.” bu if the docs says then it should…isn’t it…:frowning:

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Quick update: apparently, I misread the doc. :wink:

In version 6.0.1 and below, the UUID does not exist at publish. To cope with this, the UUID is set to the value of the trackid(or eventid in the absence of trackid).
But as of 6.1, the UUID exists and hence it is impossible to set it. It gets managed internally.

… Which is logical, since the document history functionality is intentend for technical hicups (IS-broker connection pblms) and not for functional validation.

Anyway thanks for the help RMG



Yes thats the exact behaviour for UUID in 6.1 and above in the broker pub doc…

Anyways you are on the right track…