Tools for Enterprise Server 4.5

We are using Enterprise Server 4.1 for our Development,Test and Production environment.
Recently I installed tools supplied with Enterprise Server 4.5 on my workstation.
I want to know if I work with these tools, on our development broker which is Version 4.1, is safe or not. Will it affect our broker(V4.1) by any means? Are tools(V4.5) compatible with Broker V4.1?

It should be safe, but the 4.5 EI will create constructs in the ent server that will show up in the 4.1 version of the EI tool as well. This is a little disturbing.

To be safe I would avoid mixing EI version 4.5 and EI version 4.1 unless it has been proven safe in a non critical environment.


The tools are completely compatible with the Broker/Enterprise Server of any version. However, back versions of the Broker tools (broker_load/broker_save) or other Enterprise Tools will not be able to deal with the resulting integrations.

For example, a Join construct is new to EI 4.5.1. This construct can be stored in any Broker/Enterprise Server but the 4.1.1 EI and broker_load/broker_save will fail due to the new construct.

EI 4.5.1 will warn you if a future version has been used on a given integration (EI 5.0, for example). Unfortunately, 4.1.1 can not do the same.