to get right SoapResponse when calling SAP from IS


I have installed/configured the SAP Adapter and mapped function module such as bapi_matphysinv_getitems to be called from IS. Now I need to make a call to SAP and get the SOAPRequest and SOAPResponse Message.

When I called this service from IS Administration UI->Enterprise WebService -> browse services ->Test and entered the input parameter such as material_RA[0] low, plant_RA[0] low, the return I got is: No data found for specified selection. On the logs -> Errors, it says “2003-05-05 16:57:29 PDT\packages\Default\templates\SAPTest1_bapi_matphysinv_getitems.html”. There is link to get SoapRequest and SoapResponse. But SoapResponse has the error mesg inside instead of the really returned data.

Although it runs successfully when I call from Administration UI->Package -> Management ->Browse folder ->Test and providing the same parameters, but I can’t get the SOAP Request and SOAP Response.

Can someone shed light on how to get the right SOAPResponse? For the 1st way, I know I am missing the output template: SAPTest1_bapi_matphysinv_getitems.html. Since I am not familiar with this, could someone provide a example?

Thanks in advance,