To creat a Web Service


I am new to wM, I need to create a web Service which takes Object as parameter and in Internet Explorer opens that object into PDF.

Till now , I am able to send an email to user, which contains pdf as an attachment, but what I am required is to send an email to user which contains a URL in mail body and on click of this URL PDF is open in IE.
My requirement is as follows:

  1. A Flow service that sends a mail to user.
  2. In mail body of this flow service there is a URL
  3. When user clicks this URL, it opens a PDF in Internet Explorer.

I am planing to achieve this task by

  1. To write a flow service that reads the DB BLOB object converts that into MIME object and pass as input parameter to SOAP.
    Please guide me how to achieve this


What do you mean by “web service”? Why do you need to create one?


I need to create a service which take XML as an input and then to display it as PDF document. This service will reside in a server, so I think it should be a Web Service, which will be invoked by SOAP default processor, input to this service will be provided by soapRequestData and PDF document will be send as soapRequestData.

I am new to Web Methods. I went through web method guide and came up with this design.


I think you might be a little confused on this topic. Web services do not have user interfaces so they can’t “display” anything.

You can certainly create a web service that will accept some input, perform some work to generate a PDF and then return the PDF as a base64-encoded string.

The consumer of the web service operation would convert the base64-encoded string back into a PDF.