to call from SAP for stock quote

To initiate from SAP, I am trying to follow the animated demo to call stock quote service from SAP, connecting to IS and then calling xmethods.

In SAP, I have been able to create the function group/module called
Z_FG01/ZGET_STOCK_QUOTE, respectively, with import of stock(char(10) and
export of value(char(10)). Now I believe I need to do these:

1)make the function module active. How
do I make function group active? I tried to activate
the function module with “Activate” button, I got the error of: There is an inactive verison of
object SAPLZ_FG01(note Z_FG01 is my function group name). REPORT/PROGRAM
statement missing, or program type is I(INCLUDE).

2)Based on doc, I need to put “Processing type” to “Remote
Function Call Supported” so this function will call externally to the
webMethods integration server. But I couldn’t find out where to find this
“Processing type”.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,



I found the way to set “Processing Type” to “Remote-enabled module” under the “Attributes” tab in SAP4.6D. Now I need to “Activate” the module. But I got the error of : Program SAPLZ_FG01 REPORT/PROGRAM statement missing, or program type is I(INCLUDE). When I do “Check” for the module, the error mesg is: Function module Z_GET_STOCK_QUOTE You canot use the statement FUNCTION in the current environment However you could use the similar statement “FUNCTION-POOL”

Has anybody out there tried the demo(stock quote)or doc(SAPR3 Adapter Users Guide Chapter5) to call service from SAP system successfully?