To achieve DB concurrency using JDBC adapters

Hi All,

I have a requirement, where I need to fix DB concurrency issue using Wm JDBC adapters.
We have a table, which is being accessed by multiple servers, so avoid dirty reading by servers,
I need to lock the record, which is being read by one server so that another server does not pick the same record. To achieve this I plan of using
‘Select For update nowait’
Server 1 , picks record A, it locks the record.
Server 2 comes and is about to pick record A, A being locked it move forward.
Server 1. Updates the Lock record A and release the Lock.

Now I m facing problem in implementing the same using Wm JDBC adapter service.
JDBC ADAPTER1 : I am using Local_transaction, Adapter is Dynamic Adapter, this does the locking of row using Select for update nowait
JDBC ADAPTER2: It updates the Record.
FLOW SERVICE : In it first Step it calls JDBC ADAPTER1, and second Step calls JDBC ADAPTER2

Problem is, Wm commits after every step, so I am not able to lock the record and update the record at same time.
Can anyone help me in implementing DB concurrency.

Any Help would be appreciated.

I have solved this isssue, going through the same approach,


Does all the webmethods DB services do a record level lock ? Do we do any table level locking also?