TNConsole601 Query TPA exception


Your entry may not be enough to help you with your issue. The exception is telling us the table column does not exist.

Did all the TN DB scripts finish successfully? Did you check the logs?
Does the Table schema in the script match the DB?
Is the jdbc connection pool setup and does it test successfully?
Are you using the WebMethods supplied drivers?
Are you looking at the 6.01 DB or an earlier version?

Let start here and see where it goes.

Jim Palmer


I believe according to Sathish message he already logged into TN Console and tried to click on Agreement tab, then the above mentioned check list might not be the issue.Since intial login time itself TN console he might have faced DB Exceptions.Am i right?


Dear Jim and all,
The problem got resolved. Few tables where missing in the DB Scripts.I run the new latest Scripts which is now working fine.