TN61 Console not starting BizDocTypeStore cache Error

I am getting following error when I try to open TN 6.1 Console.
I am getting the following error whhen I start TN console. I read the threads related to this error and implemented but no success. I am using oracle 9i with IS 6.1.


Error filling BizDocTypeStore cache



Stack Trace:


at Code))

I installed TN 6.1 and configured Oracle 9i using Oracle Thin Driver. TN tests with JDBC pools are successfull.Even placed classes12.jar in the server path.
But I get this error when TN loads, I tried reloading TN. There quite lot of mails on this issue but there hasn’t been any standard way to solve this.
Help is appreciated
Thanks and Regards


Hi, Did you get resolution on it yet?

I am getting same error and setup is same

To Johnson and Khushhal,

I had IS and TN both working but now I am getting the same error.

I have deleted IS and TN and re-installed and still have the same error. Have either of you found a resolution?