TN service Execution flow

I do have a question related to the flow under this situation: 1. we have Multiple Trading Partners ( For e.g in this scenario take two different trading partners) which does HTTPS/HTTP post to our service–> wm.EDIINT:receive service. In the Processing rules i created new processing rule and selected the two partners info. When we receive the doc from these two partners i am executing a common custom flow service asynchronously in the processing rule. I am just wondering about the process flow, what would happen if the two partners make post exactly at the same time. Since they are performing of executing common custom service. Will there be a conflict in sharing the service? I mean do the Docs coming from the two partners run into conflict? Is it going to process one after the other? Do i need to do make or take care of some changes? If so could you please advise me the steps i need to take care of. Thanks for your help, Capri_lak.

A unique thread handles each incoming HTTP/S call. The common service being used will be executed in a unique thread for each call. So processing for partner A does not interfere with processing for partner B. Indeed, even if one partner makes multiple simultaneous calls via HTTP/S those will not interfere with each other either.

What’s the rationale behind setting the processing rule to “async?” It’s possible that you may not need to do that.

Hi reamon, Thanks for your reply. Following up with my earlier question, when i receive the Http/s post we are doing an FTP to the Destination. As explained since it will be handled by unique thread i realized that i will not run into any conflicts with that design. Can i use the same service that has been mentioned in the processing rule to Other service which does the FTP to the same destination. I mean there is one more service existing and it does the FTP to the same destination but from different source(not http/s) it is file polling though. I am just wondering about this scenario. Do i run into conflicts of sharing? Do i need to use immediate delivery option and build a common custom service to process all the requirements Or Do i need to do it individually using the same service? which one is having more advantages of efficiency? Could you please suggest me. Thanks, Capri_lak.

A forum such as this probably isn’t the most efficient for a meaningful design review.

I’m not clear on exactly how the HTTP/S post is related to the FTP action and the file polling.

You might consider engaging someone that has some experience with TN to guide you through this.

Hi reamon, Thanks for your reply. Anyways what i was trying to explain in my previous question was is the Unique thread handling is content to Http/s only or it is for all protocols? I mean i do have a flow service which invokes the processing rule and executes the service. Like in this scenario can i develop a common service and execute it in the both processing rules in which one gets invoked by the HTTP/S post,other by normal submit to TN? I am just wondering about the thread conflicts? Thanks, Capri_lak.

All sessions/connections to IS are handled by unique threads. File polling uses a thread for each file.

Generally, threading isn’t something you need to worry about.

That said, there are some configurations that can lead to trouble. For example, I once had a race condition and/or deadlock when processing fairly large EDI files. I had set the processing rule that handled each transaction set to be async. On occassion the process would fail. It’s been a while so I don’t recall the exact details but the way I had the processing set up the transaction sets rule needed to be sync.