TN Installation Question

Hello Everyone,
I am back with another basic questions.
I hope anyone can help as I have to do this and im very confuse.

I have to install a new webMethods IS instance on a box( which already has one IS & TN instance running) with lots of other components.
Trading Network is also included in the list of things my boss wants me to install.

Now my question is…For the new TN…Have I need to run the database scripts again to create new tables for TN or the tables that are currently used by an existing TN useable and simply just configure the TN JDBC Pools ?

Anything to help clear my concepts will be very good.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Srik,

If the new webMethods / TN instance is to run next to and separate from the existing installation, you have to create a new database / schema and run the database scripts for this new database. You then configure the JDBC pools to point to this new database.
If you want the new instance to use the database and data of the old instance, you just have to configure the JDBC pools on the new installation. Please note that this is only possible if the new instalaation has the same version as the old one and if you want to re-use the processing rules, document types, partner profiles etc from the old installation.

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It is now very clear to me.
Thank you so much so the help and explanation.