TN Installation in linux

Hi All,

I am installing wM on a linux machine.

Need info on the below error which I come across installing TN.

at com.wm.distman.install.InstallerClassLoader.addJar2(
at com.wm.distman.custominstall.DLJarsProgressPanel.installExecute(

I am installing components of wM one by one instead of selecting all at a time. Do I need to follow any sequence for installing components in wM in Linux platform?

I do not have any DBase setup for this, Is it necessary to have a setup of dbase for installing TN?? And do I need to run any scripts in ‘/webmethods/common/db/scripts…’ folder??

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If you are installing TNServer then you need database and also you need to run the '/webmethods/common/db/scripts…accordingly.If the TN is already installed and you want to use TNConsole no need of DBase just the select TNC client in the Installer list.


Thanks rmg,

But even before It asks for Dbase configuration, this error occurs, any idea on this error would be thankful.

Thanks in Advance
Just browsed through advantage site and try the options given in the link.May be of some help.

Thanks, But I am using servers option from Advanced Option.

Thanks in Advance