TN Hanging

Problem has been occurring consistently for the past several days: Every 2.5 - 3 hours, TN Console hangs. Files are being ftp’d and sent via https to our wM. When TN hangs the systems sending via HTTPS receive this error: com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException:com.wm.pkg.marketconnect.lang.DetailedServiceException: FTP clients: attempt to send document but no ftp error is received (nor is ftp OK code returned) so the document just hangs.

Only way to remedy the situation is to cycle the wM server.

We’ve increase the thread parameters thinking this could be a problem
watt.server.threadPoolMin from 10 to 150
watt.server.threadPool from 75 to 300
tn.task.max.threads from 25 to 100
but remain well within our limit.

We’ve also made all receiving services stateless to prevent client limit errors which we had experienced before.

we removed 2 scheduled services that were running every 2 hours, but problem persists.

log files don’t indicate anything is wrong.

It looks like a bug in IS. If no one here has seen it, your best bet is probably WM support.

BTW, what is your ‘’ parameter set to? If it’s set to 0, then network connections never time out, and this sometimes causes problems with delivery threads (see another discussion mentioning TN 4.6 FIX 45). You could try setting ‘’ to 300 or similar. (We actually find the ‘’ setting useful for seamless reconnection to the database after it comes back from offline backup)

Try increasing the watt.debug.level setting and see if you are getting any memory related errors.

If the memory settings-> JAVA_MIN_MEM and JAVA_MAX_MEM in server.bat are low then also you might see the console hanging due to out of memory errors.
In such a case increase the values and monitor the system.