TN Database - version


Can anyone let me know on the version of Oracle DB supported by SAG for TN?

We have currently migrated from 4.6 to 7.1.2 version of wM, and we are planning for a upgrade of the TN DB as well…

Want some information on what all configuration modifications of the TN DB are to be done…

In the previous version (4.6), we had a properties file from WmTN package whr we would have the url of the DB configured for the attribute "".

But in 7.1.2 version, we do not have such a attritbute in the properties config file for the DB url . Can any one share some info on where is this referenced if not in this file.?


If you are migrating to IS/TN 7.x or above then you need to configure login to IS7.1.2 Administrator Console page–> Settings → JDBC Pools. (Pool Alias Definitions and Functional Alias Definitions) and test the connection. (Always restart IS after you configure this setup)

You can use any RDBMS like (MS SQLServer 2005/2008, Oracle 8i/9i, 10g R2 or DB2 8.x etc…).Also make sure before you configure a DB connection you need to upload particular DB jar files to IS/lib folder and run the db scripts located in the webMethods installation directory/common/db folders.

TN properties file has nothing to update with db info like in pre versions:

Please refer the IS/TN 7.x Administrator guide for more details must see:



For wm version 7, all versions of Oracle also supported when implemented as RAC. Currently the latest version Oracle for wm 7 was 11gR2. Please refer to documentation System Requirements in section Supported RDBMSs, by Database Component.

Since you just migrated to 7.1.2, I would suggest you upgrade to 7.1.3 due to fix applies.

Please take note that IS version 7 want to connect to Oracle 11gR2, need to upgrade DataDirect Connect JDBC Driver 3.6 or 4.0 to 4.2 by applying fix SCG_7.1.3_Datadirect4.2_Fix1, available from empower.

For db configuration, you can do the setting from IS Admin page > Settings > JDBC Pools. You may refer to Installation Guide and search for jdbc pools.

I would agree with geemeng,if your upgrade timing/situation allows: