TN database ran out of space.


Last night we faced issue when our TN databse ran out of space and for some reason database space auto extent didnt worked.

We came know about this when we were quering the activity log from TN console. We got following error.

com.wm.util.queue.ValuesHashException: ORA-01658: unable to create INITIAL extent for segment in tablespace UKWEBMPD

All the document that we have routed had TN status “NEW”. The processing rule was invoked but the processing was not completed.

Today morning when our DBA increased the table space the processing of all documents that were routed to TN were completed and TN status also got updated.

Is Any there anyway in which routeXML service throws an error in case of situation like this and support team can be notified through e-mail ?

Does TN provides facility to notify the Administrator if the routed document is not able to find enough space in TN database ?