TN Database old data deletion.

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We are using the webMethods 6.0.1 version.
We are planning to DELETE the old transactional data from TN database to free up the space. Current TN database size is 95GB :frowning:
For this we have analysed and decided to delete the old data from below tables.

  1. ActivityLog
  2. BizDocAttribute
  3. BizDocContent
  4. BizDocRelationship
  5. DeliveryJob
  6. BizDoc

Please let us know if we delete the old data from above tables, does it affect to TN functionalities? Any best solutions are highly appreciated.

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Yes those are the heavier main tables eats more space and a regular archiving required.

It’s always safe to use service to do this maintanence thing…Please refer the TN Userguide for more information and you can schedule this service safely once you ran the TN archive table script provided by webMethods.


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When we run the service first time, it will automatically create the archive tables in TN database?
Can I get the TN archive table script in webMethods advantage?

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I have found TN Archive script at \webMethods6\common\db\scripts\create\create_archive_TN_6-0-1_SQLServer.
Shall i run the above script and than execute service?

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YES…you can trial in some DEV/QA environment first and if you feel comfortable working fine then prod is best:

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We are using webMethods 6.0.1 version.
We have been given the .P7B certs by partner. How to extract the 2 certs in DER format inside .P7B?
Once extract the DER formatted certs, we should put these certs under ‘Trusted Certificates’ location in IS and restart the server? Please advise. Thanks

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Dear RMG,

Getting below error while startup webMethods 6.0.1 after archived the TN data by using service.
Please help how to resolve this issue.

2012-02-04 21:15:38 [ISS.0028.0012C] SpGeneralUtil: Startup service (GenStartup:putControlFileForSchedulers)
2012-02-04 21:15:38 [ISS.0028.0012C] SpGeneralUtil: Startup service (GenStartup:startUp)
2012-02-04 21:15:38 [ISS.0028.0012C] SpGeneralUtil: Startup service (GenStartup:activateUserPwds)
2012-02-04 21:15:39 [LGU.0001.0003C] Error creating broker admin client:
2012-02-04 21:16:23 [ISS.0004.0001V1] Loaded JDBC driver: com.inet.tds.TdsDriver

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Found the solution. Please ignore my previous post. Above erro is not bacause of archival process.


OK great: