TN Database connection error

Hello everyone,

We have webMethods IS 6.1 and TN 6.1 using the SQL Server for the TN database on the same box. TN has been using the SQL server DB for quite some time now and because of this the DB size has grown beyond control. We have installed SQL server on a new box with a higher capacity. What we did was detach the TN database from the SQL server on the previous box and then tried to attach it to the new box by copying the MDF file to the new box. After attaching the DB and after changing the JDBC Pool connection parameters we are not able to login to the TN Console and we are getting errors like object “WMSESSION” not found and we are not able to login to TN Console. Since the MDF file on the old box was not deleted we attached the database back and then changed the JDBC Pool config back to the old configuration. But still we are getting the same error. Can anyone please help us and let us know if what we did was the right way of doing it. Appreciate your help in advance.


Hello Everyone,

The fix to the above problem was to change the JRE version in TNConsole/bin/console.bat since we had changed the JVM for the IS but did not change it for the TNConsole.
But i still am not able to see the doc types and processing rules after reattaching the database MDF file back in the database server.

Please let us know if there is anyone out there who has had this problem before and can help us fix this problem.

Appreciate your help in advance.