TMS native views and model variables

Hi. The only way I know to use model variables in TMS native markup views is by using the ${variable} syntax.

However, for native views this means that they are actually not usable, since except for simple data you are forced to return ML code (HTML, WML, etc) from the model Java classes (e.g. for creating a list or table), which is basically BAD in almost any situation and breaks any MVC illusion one may have. Some examples do it; I think is a pity these examples are distributed, because that kind of things should NOT be done at all in any real system.

The problem is somewhat aggravated because is seems to be that Covigo says that the only way to show non-ASCII characters from application data in miniEngine is by using native views (see related post.)

This problem could be solved in the same way as in any serious templating engine, this is by devising some mechanism in native views to:
a) iterate over a list of values, and
b) stablish optional sections of markup

Does anybody know wether native views have some such mechanism, or wether there are plans for creating it?