TIP Upgrading to Enterprise Server 50

When upgrading to Enterprise Server 5.0, you may decide that you want to delete your prior installations of Enterprise Server. On a NT machine, you can use the Add/Remove Programs utility or use the built-in uninstall executables from previous ES releases.

Here is what to do if you try to install the latest 5.0 release of Enterprise Server and you receive an error something like this:

“The Server port requested is 6849. The Enterprise Server requires the ports one up and one down from this port. Could not install because one of these ports is in use or is occupied”.

Instead of choosing a different port, do a “Find…” on your hard drive and search for “broker”. It is likely that your search will reveal that an “activesw” remnant lurks on your hard drive. Navigate to that folder and DELETE IT!

This should clear up the occupied port issue described above and allow you to set up Enterprise Server 5.0 on port 6849.

Thank you. I found the file at: c:\WINNT\activesw\awbrokermon.cfg

p.s. A webMethods development manager told me that when he encountered this same problem he simply changed port numbers.