Not able to insert values into TIMESTAMP datatype field in oracle Database…
we are using webMethods 6.1,JDBC 6.3.2 to connect Oracle 9.2 version



I currently have a case open with wM about a very similar topic. We run java 1.4 and are trying to use the ojdbc14.jar file from Oracle and TIMESTAMP datatypes work fine. You might want to try getting the jdbc driver from the Oracle install. Our problem has to do with getting DATE datatypes to return a time. There was a change in how DATE and TIMESTAMP datatypes get handled in the Oracle 9.2 jdbc driver.

Prasanth i was facing the same problem but with another datatype. The thing i was doing was when i was making tables i didn’t give enough space in that field and thats why i couldn’t put the value in that table. Try to increase the length of the table and see, there is no harm to try that.

Just a thought.

Thanks for updates, but strictly I have to use 6 characters in this case, I could not increase the length. But i am able to insert SYSTIMESTAMP in the same field it self, is there any alternative?