Timestamp type

When i make this SQL query: SELECT * FROM table_name

Adapter returns null in the TIMESTAMP columns.

but if i make this one: SELECT UPDATED_AT FROM table_name

and specify the type of the column he returns the value with the correct type

The main problem is that i realy need to make a “*” SELECT query because i’m not always know the number of columns in the table (when the table changes)

You don’t need to know the number of columns nor even all the columns in the table but you do need to know which columns are needed for your integration and you need to be explicit about them.

I don’t know if i realy get it.
So, i know that i’m always will have GUID, LOCALE , DISABLED, CREATED_AT, UPDATED_AT, UPDATED_BY.
sometimes i will have VALUE, and others VALUE, VALUE2, and others VALUE, VALUE2, VALUE3 that depends on the Table.


  • Create an adapter service for each table, defining the columns for each table.
  • Use a dynamic SQL adapter service to be used for multiple tables, each table name and the “extra” columns determined at runtime and passed to the dynamic service.

*The first i can’t use, i don’t have a fix number of tables in database.

  • Second, I understand, but i don’t know how to do it.

The JDBC Developer’s guide provides information about using the dynamic service. Give it a try and post any questions/issues that arise.