TimeStamp missing in DATE field

We are on wm8, JDBC adapter version 6.5… Oracle DB we are using in 11i.
Timestamp is getting trimmed (Say i get only “09/03/2011” instead of “09/03/2011 XX:XX:XX”) when I created a normal select adapter service, since there is no option of selecting JDBC datatype as “TIMESTAMP” i just have “DATE”.
Do we have to do some configuration changes or patches for wm8 to resolve this?

Alternatively when i created a Dynamic Adapter Service with the output field defined as TIMESTAMP, I was able to get the date and time stamp as desired.

thanks for the help in advance…
Srikanth G

This is due to the way the Oracle JDBC driver (not adapter) handles DATE columns. It has changed behavior in various versions. Search for “Oracle timestamp date” to find articles from Oracle for a description.

Hi Srikanth,

I am not seeing this behaviour in my environment.

wM and
JDBC Adapter version 6.5
and updates JDBC_6.5_Fix23

I can see TIMESTAMP as JDBC Type and I can get the Full Date time as output…

Please check if in ur env… u have updated JDBC fix …



As mentioned in my post, this is not a JDBC adapter issue. It is due to the JDBC driver. The latest fixes from SAG will not matter. The JDBC driver will need to be updated/reconfigured.

Hi Srikanth,

Just provide the below properties in the connection other properties field and reload the adapter service…you will be able to see TIMESTAMP.



This depends upon the version of the JDBC driver being used.

Thanks Reamon, Arpith and Mouli…
That V8Compatible property worked for me. I was able to find it in some old wmAdvantage thread later in the day I posted here in wmusers…

Thanks again for your help guys…
Have a great day…
Srikanth G