Timeout problem

We are experiencing intermittent timeout problems in our implementation.

Our WebMethods 6.1 integration server (IS) and a broker runs on the same server. When a web based client makes a web service call to our IS, a flow service publishes a document on the local broker for the model to be triggered. Once the model gets triggered the first flow service in the instantiated model sends and ack back to the client. At times we noticed that the document stays on the broker for a period of time on the broker in the mean time the web client times out and gets an error in getting a valid response within the set time limit. Current expectation is around one minute for the IS to respond.

Looking at Is logs I’ve seen following exception which indicates the publisher of the document has timed out hence the calling web client.

2006-03-21 20:40:16 EST [ISS.0098.0036E] webM IS RequestReplyHandler encountered Transport Exception: com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.CommException: [ISS.0098.9010] No waiting thread for Document Id: 104942. Requestor might have timed out.

Has anyone came across such situation? how to resolve this issue? any idea?


Do you still have this issue? We face the same issue and we suspect that the heavy load is the cause.


Mathieu B.

Request to circulate any solution for the above if you have found any.
We also have similar setup with heavy load in production and get this error sometimes.

Thanks & Regards