The same step is invoked Twice.

Hi All,

I am new to the webMethods technology and recently investigating one issue where in the same step is being invoked twice even though the step was successful.

The issue is with one of the BPO in which 3 ISs are in cluster and using the same PRT database. The flow is like service A invokes service B which invokes C. Now the issue is service A present on IS1 was invoked and executed successfully and invoked service B in IS2 and once B executed successfully service C was invoked in same IS2. but the issue is though since all the three services A,B and C are executed successfully even then there are instances when service A has again executed and inturns started invoking subsequent services B and C resulting into many exceptions.

From the logs and MWS I am not able to catch the issue as there are no exceptions reported at logs. The issue seems to be in PRT database which is not able to know in certain instances which way it has to go for next transaction.

It would be of great help if someone can help me in identifying the issue as this is a very wierd way that the model is behaving.

Thanks in indvance for any suggestion in this respect.


Check if all the PRE settings are done like described in the documentation (Process_Engine_Users_Guide).

Distributed processes and processes in a cluster do not only communicate via database.

Especially if the PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS is not present or not configured correctly this leads to problems in execution in a cluster.

Thanks for the response.

Could you please suggest how I can proceed further in my investigations.