The new AI-infused ARIS 10 SR26 release is available

ARIS 10 SR26 is now available, introducing innovative new features for process intelligence. Experience the debut of an AI-infused ARIS* and discover how each powerful new capability can transform your Business Process Management and Process Mining.

For all details about the new release please read here ARIS 10 SR26 infused by AI−Find all news here! and register to the Webinar: Discover the Power of ARIS 10 SR26 infused by AI

Introducing the ARIS AI Companion for intelligent decisions and smart (inter)actions

With the ARIS AI Companion*, process intelligence reaches new heights. Utilizing Generative AI, the ARIS AI Companion enables everyone to participate in designing, analyzing, and managing business processes. Key features include AI-based model generation, significantly speeding up the creation of business processes and formalizing knowledge into a single source of truth, and AI-based search, which provides powerful access to the business repository in ARIS to deliver insightful responses from the ARIS AI Companion. Process Mining users can look forward to the ability to have AI generate calculated fields based on natural language instructions.

The ARIS AI Companion, enhancing ARIS as a Software-as-a-Service, makes its initial debut with SR26 in a piloting phase. General availability is expected by the end of 2024. Generative AI not only boosts productivity but also democratizes BPM. This innovative companion makes it easy and enjoyable to become an ARIS BPM hero.

Welcome to the ARIS Gallery for BPA products

The ARIS Gallery, previously only available in Process Mining, is now extended to ARIS BPA products. It serves as a comprehensive resource for reference models, modeling conventions, and solutions for business problems like GDPR, DORA or AI Act compliance. The Gallery bridges the gap between software and its practical applications, providing valuable accelerators for users.

Enhanced Process Mining and Modeling: More powerful together

Process Mining is a world-class technology that measures process performance and identifies the root causes of issues, such as poor KPIs. It provides insights into your current process state, or your “as-is” process. Process Modeling, on the other hand, helps you define your desired future state, or your “to-be” process. Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to understanding and optimizing your business processes.

ARIS 10 SR26 supports the use of multiple models in a single Process Mining data set, enhancing the ability to define event logs dynamically. This integration of Process Mining and Process Modeling offers unparalleled insights into process performance and future state definitions, making it even more powerful.

Improved User Experience across all product areas

This new release brings numerous improvements across all product areas. BPA users will enjoy enhanced management of locked items in the web UI, integration with Matomo for in-depth analysis about their content adoption, and bulk editing for faster content maintenance in the web. The extended ARIS document storage API allows seamless integration into external application searches. Formatted text creation and management as a Contributor simplifies policy and procedure maintenance. Document access has been streamlined for simplicity, and users now have more options to filter search results. Process Mining users will benefit from work time calendars for accurate calculations and a redesigned user experience. The new release also includes enhancements for ARIS for SAP and Risk & Compliance.

Where to find more information:

ARIS 10 SR 26 new features overview presentation

ARIS 10 SR 26 release notes (features)

*As of June 2024, AI features are in the piloting and/or experimental stage. Features might change, could be removed, or may require additional licenses to work now and in future versions. As an early adopter, you can preview these features, which might be useful to you. We appreciate your feedback and help with improving new groundbreaking AI features. If you are interested, please get in touch with your Software AG representative.

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