The Integration Server doesnbt attempt to redeliver the document to the service

I’m receiving Documents from a Broker When Inbound Client-Side Queuing Is Enabled.
I have a trigger that execute a service, the service throw a NullPointerException and the document is rejected, how can I do to prove the document was redeliver?.


HI slb,

 Are you using wM6.X version.In your querry you mentioned subscribing  service throwing NullPointerException.I didn't understand 

what you need.You say that You called subscription service inside
trigger,That means trigger pushes document from Broker to subscrion
service.In your subscription service input you can take scope of
document from broker(folder.subfolder:document).Now your subscription
service receives document.If you want resubmit this document,You
can lock/submit this document into TN(TradingNetwork).There you
can set up set up serviceOutput status as success/fail,aswellas
user status also.Is this works for your case???


Sorry,It seems to me that I have not explained well.
We had defined a trigger that invoke a service. We want that if the services fails the trigger reattemps several times
the service execution before rejecting the document.(The trigger is setting to do that) How can we do that? To prove the reattems we had tried with a service witch at the end we meaningfully have provoked throws a ServiceException or a NullPointerException but in both cases the trigger rejects the document and send it to the broker after the first failed attempt.
We are using wM6.0
Thanks a lot.

Hi Slb,

 see webmethods documentation. 

A trigger can subscribe to publishable document types only . A trigger cannot
subscribe to ordinary IS document types . page no 116(ISBuildingIntegrationsGuide).So your trigger only invokes document
from broker.Then you specifies service on ISServer which takes
publishable document from Broker for further validations.
My understanding from your querry is you are not publishing
document to Broker which trigger pushes from Broker to ISServer.
Pl clarify.


Hi slb,

Could you tried to set up maximum attempts to deliver in Retries on
error box in settings tab in developer.By default its value is 5.Or pl read in page 136.


Hi Srinik and thanks for your help,
We have one flow service, the last step is publish a publishable document.
We have a trigger subscribes to this publishable document and then execute a simple service(the input of this service is a publishable document reference with the same name (folder.subfolder:documentName)).
We’d like to test the behavior if the service fails and so we throws a NullPointerException.In trigger settings tab We set up maximum attempts to deliver :5 and Interval between attempts :10 seconds
Inbound Client Side Queuing is on.
The document is always rejected, never attempts to
redeliver the document to the service.
Them when maximum delivery attempts exceeded while executing trigger and the service does not execute successfully and the document was rejecting we’d like to resubmit manually from the Monitor but we cann’t to prove this behavior we have read in documentation ISBuildingIntegrations.pdf.

The log messages are:
2003-06-19 09:24:05 CEST [ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker.
2003-06-19 09:24:06 CEST [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:nu:NUCF2210 received 1 Documents from Broker
2003-06-19 09:24:12 CEST [ISS.0098.0049C] Exception:java.lang.NullPointerException while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:nu:NUCF2210.
2003-06-19 09:24:12 CEST [ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker.

Thanks a lot

Hi slb,

    Are you checked the document really published to broker?? 

If it published successfully.Then subscribing service gets that
document.Sometimes Broker complains some values of fields are missing.
That time generally we will set constraints like allow field null
at run time.Similarly schema & your document are not same that time
also Broker won’t accept docuement.We unchecks FieldMustExists
at run time,If we are not passing value to the broker.Some times
we changes structure or key values,not sync to broker,that
time document structure in broker,Published document are different.
OffCourse you know all this things.So pl check document is coming
to subscibing service by calling saveTopipeline,restoreToPipeline.


Hi slb,

 Take input of subscribing service also folder.subfolder...:document(ref).In the publishing side also map folder.subfolder....:document 

to publish service.Give scope in documentTypeName for this service.Simil
-arly open Administrator browser,click on Management,click on home for
WmBrokerAdmin,It opens webmethods Broker Administrator window.Click on
name of your broker server.It opens another window.Click on Brokers
tab,Now click on name of the broker,Now you will get Broker information.
Now click on document types.Now you will get 3 tabs.1)Adapter
2)Broker 3)wm click on wm you will get your published document
folder .Now check what you published into broker,The document reside
document namings are same or not?If not correcct it in developer
then save,Sync again into broker.This helps you.


Hi slb,

 Thanks to,Don,Rob,Sonam,Vinod of community. 

Thanks again,