The import of transactions in Oracle Apps Adapter gives error[ADA.400.11]

When I am trying to import the transactions(.txp) in Oracle Apps Adapter, it is giving retrieval error[ADA.400.11]. We already have imported these transactions into other environments. I am trying to do this in my newly created environment. Am I missing anything?

Transaction Mgmt -> Transaction Import -> Select an Importfile -> gives an error

I get above error with pop up(Message from webpage) window with error “Error encounterd retrieving transactions” but when I hit OK within pop up window it populates all the packages. The ‘Set’ and ‘Clear’ buttons work also. But the files are not imported.

Please advise!


Problem importing Oracle Apps Transactions

webMethods Integration Server version: 9.0
Oracle Apps Adapter version: 6.0


Upon attempting to perform either of these two:

  • Adapters > OracleApps Adapter > Transaction Mgmt > Transaction Configuration
  • Adapters > OracleApps Adapter > Transaction Mgmt > Transaction Import
    Error encountered has the following code:


Apply Oracle Apps Adapter 6.0 Fix 11, start the Integration Server, and enable packages: WmOAAdapter & WmOACommon11510 (or whatever release one is using).
In the Integration Server Administrator page:

  • Go to Settings > JDBC Pools > Functional Alias Definitions.
  • Check whether an Associated Pool Alias has been set next to Adapters.
  • If not, set one, that points to the webMethods repository in the DB (internal or external). In my case, the repository WEBMETHODS REPOSITORY, pointing to Schema WMISAUDIT, was set under Settings > JDBC Pools > Pool Alias Definitions. To do this, click on the link “Create a new Pool Alias definition” in the page Settings > JDBC Pools, and then go to Adapters under Settings > JDBC Pools > Functional Alias Definitions, and use the link “Edit.”
    Restart Integration Server.