Terracotta server array started issue


We have installed BigMemory Max 4.3 on 2 Linux server for TSA for API gateway cluster, we want to have one as active and one as passive.
The first node started as active node normally but when I started the second node, the second node also was trying to start in active mode, finally the first node turned into passive mode. I see below warning information on the first node.

2020-05-12 14:46:21,399 WARN - Requesting node to quit : NodeID : NodeID[] Error Type : Two or more Active servers detected in the cluster
2020-05-12 14:46:21,407 WARN - Requesting node to quit : NodeID : NodeID[] Error Type : COMMUNICATION ERROR
2020-05-12 14:46:21,440 ERROR - This Terracotta server instance shut down because of a conflict or communication failure with another Terracotta server instance. The database must be manually wiped before it can be started and allowed to rejoin the cluster.

The tc-config file are same for 2 nodes, and I start 2 nodes with below command :

{softwareag_dir}/Terracotta/server/bin/start-tc-server.sh -f /data/wm105/softwareag/Terracotta/server/bin/tc-config.xml -n APIGW251 & {softwareag_dir}/Terracotta/server/bin/start-tc-server.sh -f /data/wm105/softwareag/Terracotta/server/bin/tc-config.xml -n APIGW252 &

I have attached tc-config file and 2 nodes logs, please advise how to fix or resolve this issue?

terracotta-server_10.0.2.51.log (49.2 KB)
terracotta-server_10.0.2.52.log (121 KB)
tc-config.xml (1.56 KB)

Try to add below tag in

.... .. 120

Hi, SanjayKumar:

I have added this tag in tc-config file, now both 2 nodes are running normally with no warning and error messages. But I don’t know why this tag can resolve the problem, can you explain it in detail, thanks.


Hi Kelley,

It is a required property for TSA as per documentation. Please find its description below and link

The fast-restart persistence mechanism must be explicitly enabled for the TSA using this element:

In case of TSA failure, fast-restart persistence allows the TSA to reload all shared cluster data.
To function, this feature requires to be enabled on each server. To make backups of TSA data, the backup feature requires this feature to be enabled.

Hi, SanjayKumar,

I see, very thanks for your help.