Tasks generated by themselves


We´ve been having problems with the creation of tasks in a bmp process.

For unknown reasons, every time that a task is completed, task engine creates another one of the same kind. This second one not always have a taskdIk. This behavior is abnormal and has begun few days ago for apparently no reason. After te second task is created, the status of the process appears as “Revisado” (sorry, but is in spanish and I´m not sure of the translation)

I´ve tried everything, deleted the subscription trigger, from designer, and now I´m trying to delete it from IS Administration/Packages/Management

After unlock all the elements, I´ve click delete, one hour ago, with no success, just a timeout

Unfortunately, the only trace in IS Server log is the following

2600]2012-06-04 14:55:34 CEST [ISS.0028.0042I] Unloading pq__ipf01v02_8la package

¿what should I do?

Thanks in advance


By any chance did anyone deployed a new version of the process while the task was in progress? Process status “Revised” (assuming that google tranlation from Spanish to English is accurate) represents that a new version of the process has been deployed.

If not this, by any chance, do you have different versions of the same process activated?



On complete Service or API … set the status value to some junk value instead of what is defined in the guide.

I had this issue in 7.1.1 .