Task search performance improvement

Hi Guys,
I am trying to improve the search tasks performance. We have exposed the serach task API as REST provider for our consumer client. I facing issues to improve the bulk search search for task data stored. The latency is more than 15 sec causing lot of noise. I cant even think of using index search because of losing data information already stored. So please let me know if any other way to improve my search tasks client performance. FYI, i thought of using HPSTRA but that needs some ES and other console usage not sure if again i need to face the old data loss there. Please share if anyone cracked this before



Can someone please help me here if encountered such issues before


I am planning to utilize the server cache or distributed cache for same. This helps the consecutive call time, i see the latency now around 25 - 90 ms. that is really helping us. Still the first call will take around 10 sec which has to be tuned more.