Task out of date problem

Hi to all

We are having here a strange situation. In some tasks, after completing the task this error message appears on the portlet task:

[POP.017.0037] Task is out of date, please refresh

In many times, I

Approach #1

You are probably using task in auto-accept mode (which is default after you have generated a task). What that means is that task is accepted for the current user before being completed. Unfortunately there are some conditions (especially on a loaded server) which may lead to this error in this situation.

What you can do is to set this property “Auto Accept” of TaskContentProvider to false, along with that if your business use case does not require user to manually accept a task before completion you need to set “Need Accept To Update” property to false as well so service won’t throw an error when attempting to complete a not-accepted task

Approach #2
Is to speed up processing of task rules which are the root cause of this error. You can do by:

  • Installing MWS_7-1-1_CL_Fix9 (or later)
  • Set -Dtask.event.lightweight=true system property for MWS server