Task issues in wM7.1.2

Hi …

I created a task in webmethods7.1.2.
A document type with same structure is given as input/output for the task.

The task instance is getting created,and i am able to accept/complete the task.

After that, the task is not going further in the process and the status of the task in the process is still in “Start”.

In your business process i hope you have a completed step, and the completed step’s task status is set to COMPLETED. And if in the summary section if the final terminate step is not getting listed after the Task is completed then there has to be some problem in the way you have created the task. Try to run the simulation through designer and when you reach the task don’t do anything till the task times itself out and moved to the error or terminate step. If that works then your flow is fine and there is a problem with the TASK, and if the step terminates abruptly and does not go to terminate visit your BPMS flow once again to debug the same. Let me know if this helps.