Task Inbox Issue

I’ve created a task and assigned it to a Role but when task is being queued it is not visible under user of that role. Moreover i’ve given user id as administrator as well but still when i login as administrator and navigate to the My Inbox i do not see any task but this task is visible under “Task List Management” and there no user or role is coming under “Assigned To”.

Any one faced this issue any idea??

Did you give the role necessory permissions under permission management?
You can try to assign the task to a role using TLM to see if it works.
also look for any issue in Task Audit

Hi Mervin,
Thanks for your reply. Role is given permission to access Inbox also via TLM i assigned that task to particular user but still task is not visible in user’s inbox if i login with that user’s credentials.
From the designer in the task assignment page I gave user id as Administrator but when task is getting queues it is not visible under Administrator Inbox and if yo check that task under TLM it does not show any name under “Assigned To” list.
I am not sure if it is some kind of bug or I am missing something. I am using wM 8.2.1.

Hi Vikas
it could be a bug then… even if it is a permissions issue, u should have seen the role under “Assigned To” in TLM.
Increase the log levels to see if there is any errror and also check if the assignment event is fired in Task Audit view.

Hi Mervin,
This issue got resolved. There was a problem with wm-caf-rules.jar file. updated this jar file and things started working.
now i am facing another issue and that is, I am not able to see queued task in the task inbox. task only available under TLM.
Any idea? I’ve given all the necessary permission to that user but no help.