Task Engine


while creating a new implementation for task and click on finish i am getting an error “com.webmethods.caf.faces.core.model.data.impl.ComplexTypeNode”.

Please help me out if anyone face the same problem.
Thanks in advance.


how are you completing the task ? Can you put the entire stack trace ?

I am just trying to add the task step in a process model using create implementation → New task. After clicking finish step, it is giving the error which I mentioned in my previous post. Can you please check and suggest did I miss any configuration for create and implement a task?
give me the procedure to create a simple task…

Thanks in advance.

why don’t you put the error in this post, rather than asking me to scan thousands of post to find your previous post.

Here is the error - “com.webmethods.caf.faces.core.model.data.impl.ComplexTypeNode”.

I’m getting error:

com.webmethods.caf.faces.core.model.data.impl.ComplexTypeNode cannot be cast to com.webmethods.caf.task.core.model.ITaskClientNode

probably the same reason. Did you get solution for this?

Hi ,

Can you please share some screen shot of the step taken to create task.

Hope in designer UI development features is available.