Task Details are not be reterived

Hello All,

I am not able to retrieve task details from MWS DB by using service - SearchTaskIndexed.

I have two IS1 & IS2 individual sharing the same DB
I have a clustered MWS sharing the same DB
Index tables are being created in MWS with respect to taskTypeId
TaskClient is being used IS2 for both the servers

Please help on the same.

Task engine is part of MWS and if you have tasks, those information are written to Task engine tables.

Task client API’s in IS (WmTaskClient package) has many services using which you can very well retrieve tasks. Make sure if task client is able to connect to database in the first place. Check the home page of Task engine.

Is it just that only this service is not returning results or any service doesn’t return any result?


I am retreiving the task by calling pub.task.taskclient:searchTasksIndexed. If i don’t give any parameters and search then it is retreiving all the task. But when I am tyring to pull user task I am not getting any task.

I am giving the query :
taskTypeID in taskTypesValue where value are the taskTypeId’s,searchUserTasks = true,business data = true and providing the
username the user on whose name the task it assgined.
Index tables are being created in the MWS DB and records are there. Not able to understand why it is not pulling records.


the issue got resolved by providing appropriate permission to the task from MWS now am able to retreive task details.