Task data duplicated in results list after task search provider refresh


I am currently working on fixing a strange bug. Bug’s scenario:

  1. I open a task in details view from the results list
  2. I complete the given task, afterwards the results list is displayed again
  3. Now the strange thing happens:
    3a. the number of tasks is less with one, than expected
    3b. the first two tasks from the lists have the information somehow interchanged - see before_action.png and after_action.png

Worth being mentioned is that sometimes the task completion fails and a new task is recreated with the same values(except the TaskID).

Any suggestion how I might fix this issue? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Olimpiu POP

With the default inbox and task details view, there is a finishURL. The completeTask method should have a snippet that refers to the finishUrl:

// then redirect to finish url
String url = getCustomAssignmentTaskView().getFinishUrl(); 
  if (url != null && url.length() > 0) {

Do you know if the creation or usage of the finishUrl was modified at all?


thanks for your reply. I looked in the code, and it seems that your right. The finish URL is manipulated with something similar to the code that you posted.

Any suggestions on the topic? Thank you for your time. I am looking forward for your feedback.


Olimpiu POP