task creation- help needed

hello webmethods experts,

we have recently migrated to 7.1.1( IS 7.1), i can not directly import workflow model directly into 7.1.

My Scenario,
Environment: webmethods 6.1
siebel sends an xml file to webmethods everytime there is a change in address for a particular customer(it could be more than one address & more than 1 customer). based the customer name & Customer number we query the target system and retrieve the old address, now the Canonical contains both old address and new address of the customer. we publish the canonical to broker, workflow implementation module subscribes to the broker document and presents(HTML screens) to the user with both old and new address,he has the choice to choose between them based on his choice the backend sysytem will be updated.

i want to implement the above scenarion in 7.1, i really need your inputs here to move forward.


hi friends,

Finally i manged to create a task and deploy in portal server. it is displaying only the default form in portal server, it is not capturing the inputs that iam passing.

here is what iam doing exactly,
when creating task i chose to use default view(portlet) with some modifications. i have drag & drop 5 property line sub group controls and labeled them all,created 5 input fields for 5 propert line subgroup controls. for each input field value property iam specifying the field from the input document that i have passed to the task from my business process.
Am i missing anything here??

Windows XP
webmethods 7.1 IS
Designer 7.1.1
Portal server 7.1.1