Target Action using Extended Portlet URL

I have 2 portlets, Portlet A and Portlet B
I want to navigate from Portlet A to Portlet B’s default view and invoke a custom java method(not before render response) before loading default view. I’m using ExtendedPortletURL to naviate to target portlet.
PortletSimpleLink->ExtendedPortletURL(Base URL)->ExtendedPortletURL(Porlet)
For the second portlet url, i configured the target view as well as the target action.

When i test this, the target action is not invoked.
Am i doing something wrong? or is there a different way to configure the extendedPortletURL to achieve what i want to do?


The action execution may be getting blocked if your portlet is using annotated portlet actions.

You should review the ‘Mitigate Portlet Security Vulnerabilities’ section (on page 512) of the CAF Development Help that describes that feature.

See: [url][/url]

Hi Eric,
I’m using MWS 7.1.2 and Designer 7.1.2. I dont see the annotation mentioned in the 8.2 help.
But as explained in the document, i added the init-param to my Portlet but still my target action is not being invoked.