Tamino Lockdown exception


Were using tamino 4.4 and I have tried to put a read-only and read-write access to IMR database.

It works except to one project, the testProject. I can still write to that project even though I have enrolled my ID as a read-only ID. For all other projects, my ID can do read only.

Kindly confirm if that is a normal behavior in tamino.

Thanks in advance

Hello Mr. Lopez,

IMR database and testProjects are not parts of Tamino itself.
From your description I can unfortunately not see your question is related to an “IMR” project and IMR-specific functionality or it is related to the Tamino core functionality.
In the IMR case I’m not sure you reach the experts here.
In case it is about core Tamino functionality can you elaborate a bit more on the functionality you are referring to?

Thanks in advance


in https://empower.softwareag.com/sl24sec/SecuredServices/document/java/ins441/manager/security.htm#authcon it mentions that "The order of precedence in which access restrictions are processed is such that less restrictive permissions override more restrictive ones if more than one restriction is explicitly defined for one node. ".

Would this apply in your case? If the id is given both read-only and write access (due to membership in different groups, perhaps?), then write access will apply.