"Tabs Only" visibility not working for group templates in App Builder

Product/components used and version/fix level:

App Builder 2.1.0 for Cumulocity

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I created a group template dashboard referencing a group of 5 devices. As expected, I find 5 dashboards in the group that I can configure once and the results will be replicated to all the others.
Now I’d like to add to each of the 5 dashboard a new dashboard that has visibility “Tabs Only”. When I try to assign this new dashboard to the same tab group of the group template, nothing happens. Moreover, the only tab group I can specify for the group template is “deviceid”.
Is the “Tabs Only” view only applicable to single dashboards? Is there a way to address this problem in case of group templates?

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?



You cannot add single dashboard in group template. It should be also Group Template.
If you are looking Tabs in group template, then Tab Group should be deviceid.
Here are steps to add Tabs in Group Template:

  1. Create first Group Template (This will be visible in navigation).
  2. Select visibility as “Navigation and Tabs”.
  3. Select Tab Group as “deviceId”.
  4. Select relevant device Group.
  5. Save (Your Group Template will be created at this stage with all devices and visible in left side navigation panel).
  6. Create second Group Template (This is for tabs only).
  7. Select visibility as “Tabs only”.
  8. Select Tab Group as “deviceId”.
  9. Select same group which was selected in step 4.
  10. Save. (This dashboard will be visible in tabs).

Hi Darpan, thank you for your reply.
I followed the steps and managed to have the second dashboard as a tab. The problem is this procedure only works when selecting groups. If in steps 4 and 9 I select an asset (created with digital twin manager) instead of a device group, I can’t see the dashboard in tabs. Could this be a bug ?

EDIT: After a second try, I found out that tabs don’t work only when selecting assets that do not contain any devices. In my case, I have an asset that contains a set of sub-assets (not devices) and this seems to be the problem with the “tabs only” view

Hi Davide,

Yes, Looks like that is bug in application builder with 2.1 for asset/sub assets and with asset type when user select tab only option. It is working as expected for Groups.
You can raise it as bug here

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