Can I dynamically change the number of lines in TABLEROWAREA2 using my Natural program?

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Hi Jorge,

For sure. You can populate dynamically it from your natural program.

For instances, you can execute a Find in your program that results 100 lines from a specific file and populate the rowtablearea with them. If you execute another find that results 50 lines you can clear de rowtablearea to populate it again or not. Notice if you not clear the rowtablearea it will be 150 lines.

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but it doesn’t work when you put radio buttom in grid. I have to put a quantity lines in rowcount parameter.(20).
When the line are less then 20, per example, the gris appears with radio buttons where lines are blank.

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There is a property called showifempty on str component. This str is located at the repeat section of your rowtablearea2. It should be set to false.

It works. Thank you very much

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you are welcome.