Table -> Footer with a line with the sum Total


I need to create a table that contains a last row with a Total (sum of a column with Price of cars e.g.)

What is the best way to do this?

I thought about adding a new Line with the total (calculated in Java).

Is there any better way?

Thanks in Advance

If you just use a ‘Basic Column’ control, it will have a ‘footer’ facet for the column that you can use to do that.

Hi Norman,
I’m facing the same situation, but can’t understand how to use the footer facet.
is tehre any CAF specific control to add a total row or do I have to use a javascript?

Thank you very much

There is no control specifically for displaying the total for a column. Generally, the typical way to accomplish that would be to put an output text control in the column footer facet that is bound to a java method in your page bean that will calculate the total value to display.