Sync Portlet URI's/dbID Through Environments


Is it possible to sync these through deployment or any other way?

If I change them in Designer under MWSAdmin will this work?

I’m trying to find a URI/dbID for a specific portlet from Business Console but if they were sync’d I wouldn’t have to!


Unfortunately, that’s not possible/supported. The only way to sync/duplicate the db id-s in the MWS database is to either clone the entire database or migrate it via the migration tool, which will preserve these ids. The db id is dynamically assigned integer to a new “thing” in the MWS taxonomy (i.e. user/role/portlet/task/security policy/rule, etc.) and you can’t really rely on that. The solution here would be to give that portlet a proper alias, which is environment independent and can be transferred via webMethods Deployer or some other way. That would ensure that the same portlet is loaded in the other MWS env, without having to think about the exact db id.

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