Sybase stored procs with OUTPUT parameters

We have some stored procs in Sybase that have explicitly mentioned OUTPUT parameters in the signature. These work via Rapid SQL software but we can’t get results via webMethods adapter service. A couple things to note:

-we had to declare the variables that were given as OUTPUT in the input signature in order to get past initial errors running the adapter service. Apparently these OUTPUT parameters can also take input values (like an oracle inout parameter).

-other sybase procs didn’t declare output values specifically but would return output via select statements in the proc itself so these were created in a different format (they have OUTPUT parameters).

I tried putting OUTPUT after each ? but that didn’t work. Others were able to invoke the proc and get results via Rapid Sql db editor as I mentioned. We can’t get results via webMethods using the same input values as used via Rapid SQL.

Any ideas?