Sybase Intelligent Adapter - NULL values are replaced by &a

When Sybase Intelligent adapter gets back rows from Sybase database it is not treating the NULL values accurately.

If Char fields have value NULL in databse, it is coming out as ‘’ (empty string).

If int fields have value NULL in database, it is
coming out as 0.

I think there might be some solution as NULL is a fundamental datbase concept.

Secondly, If I want to insert NULL for char or int
fields in Sybase how this can be done ?

Please help.

Thanks in Advance


check the “allow unset fields”

Thanks CSUN.

I work on the database end. People working on webMethods conveyed me that NULL is not acceptable by webMethods. But it did not seem right to me. Can you please give some details where to set this.

Thanks again


Under the Properties Tab in each component. When you scroll down you will see. Also do a search in the integrator manual for the exact usage of this.


I’m having the same issue with Sybase Intelligent Adapter replacing NULL with ‘’ for char and 0 for int fields. I have the “allow unset fields” checked.

Did you ever get a fix, patch for Sybase Intelligent Adapter or any other solution to have NULLs handled correctly by sybase db adapter?

Thanks. Brgds. Christopher.


I had the same issue a while ago. When a input variable is empty the SyBase JDBC driver will substitute with default values such as ’ ’ for alpha numeric, 0 for numeric and ‘1900-01-01 00:00:00.000’ for date/time.

The solution I found was to check if the variable is empty and if so then completely drop it so it no longer exists when calling the sp. This resulted in NULL being inserted. Apparantly this way the substition done by the JDBC driver is no longer triggered.

Hope this is of help to you.

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