Swagger first json array as output

In the Integration Server I would like to start with a swagger document and create a RAD and associated services/document types. However, I want to create a json array as output. What should I put in the swagger definitions section?

I want the output to look like this:


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Yunus Aswat.

Please check the below.

API Hacks

Hello Srikanth,

I’ll regard that as a workaround, because there is a deficiency with webMethods Swagger import that causes a nested structure to be created as part of service output.

Nevertheless thanks for your suggestion as I have changed the service output so the document is a documentList and named as $rootArray.


Yunus Aswat.

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Yes, I agree this is a hack but not a proper solution. Should be addressed out of the box from the product.

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