Subversion giving issues

Hi All,

I have configured VCS and subversion in webmthods 8 integration server (IS). I am able to using subversion when I started the server. Since we have multiple users using IS, so if I tried to check out check in in particular package A its fine but if other user tries to check out or check in or create element in package B he is not able to do that since he gets an error syaing there is a package level lock. Run svn command clean to remove lock though no one has locked that package.

Also when using developer in windows and IS in unix and subversion installed in other unix box, the performance of subversion check out check in is very very slow. What can be the reason.

I would really appreciate some guidelines and help for this problems.



Sorry to say that there is probably no workaround to this.

We tested the subversion integration ourselfes and there are two main problems concerning your behaviour:

The subversion integration was obviously added as an afterthought to a svn integration which does not really match svn principles. When doing checkin/checkout the package is performing a tremendous overhead of svn access, which leads to the bad performance.

The subversion client is not able to separate multiple user properly when accessing the same IS. Even configuraing the user mapping in the vcs package homepage does not help. So you may even encoutner assets you checked out locked by another user id.

My best experiences so far are in using an indepentend SVN client and adding some custom made scripts for automation.

You also need to be aware that all .svn directories should be removed before using deployer, letting those in the deployed packages leads to problems in the deployment process.

Overall we are all waiting for a proper svn implementation for webMethods. There is a request on Brainstorm, perhaps you like to add your voting there.