Subscription triggers & Transition trigger disabling and enabling

Hi Guys,

We have subscription triggers as well as transition trigger as a part of application outage we need suspend the trigger.

Can you please let me know one which shall I suspend subscription or transition triggers.
Also any issues raise if we suspend both of the them.


Hi Sandeep,

If you suspend Subscription Trigger it will suffice the purpose.

Since the subscription trigger is the first trigger to initiate the instance,
if you suspend this trigger there wont be any transactions flowing.

Venkata Gudla

will data stored in queue and will that queue will be processed after the enabling the trigger

Yes, Automatically subscription take place.

Venkata Gudla

I think it may be not quite correct. Subscription trigger starts new process instances, but transition trigger drives the existing processes. So if you just disable the subscr. triggers, your existing instances will continue to run. And if the “app outage” means that some backend systems are not available, then your processes will run into errors.

Hence you may have to suspend trans. triggers as well.

Disable the package from IS console.

you mean from IS Admin page and how this would be helpfull

Just an alternate sol. I think it must, when the package is disabled it is unloaded from IS (no code hence no transactions) and the triggers will not appear “Settings > Messaging > webMethods Messaging Trigger Management”

Do you have DLQ?

How are you managing it currently?

Yes this would be helpful, currently we are suspending the notifications and broker trigger which calls main flow service, this mainflow service is the one which publishes document to subscription trigger.

In above case we are fine.

But how about the case where update or insert notifications are present in the same package where triggers are present.

Can you write your flow in steps starting from Notification up-to invoking subscription trigger. As per your information there should be a easy and feasible way to handle the outage.

I agree with fml2, not required to disable the package for this need.


Yes I echo with fml2 as well and to handle such kind of outages it’s the way of disable all the associated trigger’s so that queued data will be paused and once the system is back it can be processed of course human intervention is required in any case to make sure the data is not lost and guaranteed reached to the destination (safe point).