Subscription trigger change

Hi Team,

Last week we moved a couple of packages from server A to server B.Old packages are enabled in server B and triggers and adapter services are disabled in A which are already migrated to B,now the components which are migrated to server B are working fine.

Issue is that we forgot to check the client A queue before code migration to B and disabling in A.

Now I have to process the queue on server A without data loss 10 records are available …how can I do it

will it be possible to change subcription trigger for old queued docs.

will the event sharing Allow forward will it be helpfull

please help me out …


Is this with Broker?

If yes, are the documents still in der server side or already in the client side queue?

Warning: All this comes without warranty and on your own risk.

The safest way I can imagine of is writing a short code which takes the documents out of the queue and republishes them.

A more tricky way: If the documents are on the client side queue (assumed you create a new queue via a different client prefix on the new server): You can hook the new server to the existing queues by using an identical client prefix (this is done for clustering). But you must be very careful, IS will create new additional queues for all triggers if you change the prefix. So if you change them back, you may have duplicates.



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