Subscription Trigger and Transition Trigger


Is there any Built-In service to retrieve these 2 trigger names for a dedicated Process Model?

I want to automate the deletion of a dedicated Process Model.
So, after invoking the “pub.monitor.process.modelControl:deleteUnusedModel” built-in service, I want to delete the related JMS triggers. So I plan to use the “pub.trigger:deleteJMSTrigger” built-in service, but I don’t know the name of the triggers set in the Process Model…


The below service should suffice your need, run (triggerName is optional). Note the service is from WmRoot and should be used at your own risk as there is no documentation and this service might change from release to release without prior notice.

wm.server.triggers:getTriggerReport – Native wM Triggers

wm.server.jms:getTriggerReport - JMS Triggers


Thank you for your quick answer.
Unfortunatelly, when running the service you proposed, I don’t see any information about the Process Model name…


Can you share the sample trigger subscription or transition trigger which is contained in the Generated PM package? I assume it should be part of the trigger service namespace.

Running the above services will return you the complete list of triggers that are residing on the IS and you can parse the output.

Yes by default Process Model name is part of the namespace, but as the namespace can be modified in Designer, I expected there is a link somewhere between the Process Model object and the related JMS Triggers…

There should be some API’s services in WmPRT package or in the process table on DB. Please have a check.

Got it!

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